About Us

“Stand N Stride” is a Not for Profit social organization in India formed by a group of socially enthusiastic and sensitive people from every walk of life who understand their social responsibility.“Stand N Stride” is taking ahead the vision of two great personalities of India who took avatar on different era but has the same vision for our children, youth and our beloved country. First one is Swami Vivekanad and second one is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.The name of organization “Stand N Stride” is itself self-explanatory which is inspired from the famous quote of Swami Vivekanand, “Arise Arose and stop not till…..”. “Stand N Stride” is working in line to the vision of our inspiration Swami Vivekanand and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalamsince last many years and succeeded to bring visible changes in hundreds of people’s life.

“Stand N Stride” is committed to help to all who are not getting equal opportunity to explore their potential due to social and financial discrimination. Our works mainly concentrated in the fields of Holistic education of children and strengthening our youth so that they can expand their wings to fly high at their will. We believe these are the areas of greatest need and deserve to be the foci of our attention.Our youth are our immediate future. They have potential to change the world.

Today, 8 million children in India are out of school – surrounded by poverty, illness and despair; they are fighting a daily battle for their survival. Millions of our youth are just clueless. They need to make realize that they have infinite energy into themselves and this energy needs to be transformed into productivity.They just need their mind to be ignited.

“Stand N Stride” believes that unless members of the civil society are involved proactively in the process of development, sustainable change will not happen. Following this model of Civic Driven Change, “Stand N Stride”sensitizes and engages the civil society, making it an active partner in all its welfare initiatives.

“Stand N Stride” has been established in 2016 by a small group of socially enthusiastic people in Delhi. In 2017 it was initially registered under Societies registration act XXI of 1860 from Govt. of NCT of Delhi and named “Stand N Stride Society” For more authenticity , transparency and better management, in Jan 2020 we got registered in company act vide section 8 of company act 2013 by Ministry of Corporate affairs and named as “Stand N Stride Foundation”.Its working area is all over India and has its registered office in Delhi. At present its areas of activities are South West Delhi.

We are committed to make positive changes in society.

सस्वामी विवेकानन्द जी का कथन है कि "यदि किसी देश को उन्नति की डगर पर लेकर जाना हो तो उस देश के बचपन को शिक्षित करो और युवा शक्ति को दीक्षित करो"। डॉ एपीजेअब्दुल कलाम का कहना था कि " हम केवल तभी याद किये जायेंगे जब हम हमारी युवा पीढ़ी को एक समृद्धऔरसुरक्षित भारत दें जोआर्थिक समृद्धिऔर सभ्यता की विरासत का परिणाम होगा"।

इसीआधारशिला पर खड़ी स्टैंडएँडस्ट्राइड की साधारण सी दिखने वालीअसाधारण युवा शक्ति का चुम्बकीय प्रभाव उसके सान्निध्य मेंआने वाले प्रत्येक व्यक्ति कोअपनी सकारात्मकता में विलीन करने कीक्षमता रखता है।

  • To open the doors of Primary Education for “un-reached children” without access to it.
  • To integrate children who are marginalized by poverty and lack of education in mainstream society.
  • To provide low-literate or illiterate youth with the power to earn a regular and decent livelihood.
  • To provide Health & Hygiene Services to slum children and communities.
  • To provide Developmental Services to slum communities, primarily by empowering women and the marginalized, and building awareness about the importance of education and uplifting of the girl child.

Most of us help others whenever they find anyone in trouble. It is a normal human tendency.Butsome people are passionate to help the society and ready to sacrifice everything.We have many examples of people like that. Those people have brought significant changes in our society. Due my humble family background I have helping tendency from the childhood and by nature I get emotional easily whenever I see someone in trouble specially due to his/her poornessor social background.Although by profession I am an Aeronautical engineer and serving in an airline but teaching is my hobby and often I used to teach children/youth whenever I get chance. Fortunately few years back I got chance to study about Two great personalities of India one is Swami Vivekananda and other is Dr. APJ kalam and my life changed totally 180 degree, afterwards. I got to know the purpose of my life. A blend of my profession, myemotion,my hobby ,my helping tendency and impact of Vivekanad and Kalam in my mind, made me a passionate social worker. I am lucky enough that my wife and co-founder of SnSvijayalaxmijee has always stood by myside.

I studied about many social reformers.All had some particular reason or inspiration to choose particular theme to help the society. Some of them inspired from any incident/accident happened with them or with their near and dear.Some inspired by observing injustice, social discrimination ,financial discrimination, illiteracy, etc. Some inspired by observing decaying of our mother earth and many more. But everyone has chosen some specific work depending upon their expertise, choice,and need of the time.

Illiteracy in the society inspired me to work in that field. We can easily see the consequences of illiteracy in our society. Millions of children in our country still out of reach to even basic education A huge number of illiterate ,unskilled and un aware youth added in country's population every year.They are liability on us rather than asset to the nation.

They need to make realize that they have infinite energy into themselves and this energy needs to be transformed into productivity.They just need their mind to be ignited.It is our responsibly to change this liability into asset to the nation by helping them to get livelihood based real education.As teaching is my hobby I looked the problem and its solution in that way.

When I told my wife about my decision she agreed immediately and became ready to be part of my mission which is now hundreds of team member’s mission.Her qualification and educationist family background made her excited to teach the needy one. Thus Stand N Stride formed in May 2016 and there is no way to look back now.

Our main area of work is child education. It is a understanding in some section of our society that education has no role in their life. It is a fact that their many generations didn’t get any education or were forced to get no education. They just did what they were forced to do. They never thought their children can be a teacher, clerk, officer, doctor . They think their destiny is also the same what their forefather had. We have to change this situation. Stand N Stride is committed to bring the confidence in those section that they also has the same opportunity like others to be what they want to be.

Our first priority is that everyone must get basic education . In our thinking basic education means minimum class 10th pass. The only purpose of the Education is not to get a job but it is the right way to know the world. Due to present education system number of school dropouts after class 8 are in millions. Up to class 8th they are promoted automatically irrespective of fail/pass in exam. When these children promoted in class 9th and when they face real exam they just collapsed. It is very unfortunate situation that a large number of students studying in class 8 not even write or read a single line even in their mother tong. What kind of future we are generating. Just imagine.

Our complete focus remains on that the child we adopt must pass class 10th. After 10th we decide what to do further depending upon child choice and their family condition.

I am sure, with dedicated team we will get success to make a change in the million’s life.

Thank you

Jai Hind

Stand N Stride Foundation is registered on 01.01.2020 under section 8 of company Act 18 of 2013 from Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India.

CIN Number : U85300DL2020NPL359646

PAN Number:ABDCS1801J

TAN Number: DELS81252D

Registered with Niti Ayog, Govt. of India vide registration no. DL/2020/0255327

“Stand N Stride foundation” is incorporated on 01.01.2020 under section 8 of company act 2013 by Ministry of corporate affairs, Govt. of India. The corporate identity number of “Stand N Stride foundation” is U85300DL2020NPL359646. Its working area is all over India and has its registered office is in Delhi.

“Stand N Stride” isbeing managed by a Board of Directors. All the members are well qualified and experienced in social activities. Down the line post holders are President, Vice President, General Secretary and Treasurer. “Stand N Stride foundation” Management is committed to abide by the rules & regulations of section 8 of company act 2013.

For effective execution of policies, Managing committee is assisted by an Advisory Board. The Advisory board comprises of people who have expertise in specific fields related to our work. Down the management line there is a strong working team to execute our policies on ground. Many well-known and high profile personalities are our patrons whose association helps us to reach to mass with authenticity

  • Chief Patron: Brig.(retd.) Iqbal Singh
  • President: ER. AmodPoddar
  • Vice President : Mrs. A K Vijayalaxmi
  • General Secretary: Mrs. Usha Zalpuri
  • Treasurer: Dr. Saroj Gulati