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Our primary focus is child education, believing it's the key to transforming societies. Some communities have long been denied education, thinking their destiny mirrored their forefathers'. We're determined to change this mindset, instilling confidence that they too can pursue dreams. Our vision is to provide basic education, at least up to 10th grade, not just for job opportunities but to broaden horizons. Many students drop out after 8th grade due to flawed promotion systems. We're committed to ensuring our adopted children pass 10th grade and support their further education based on choice and family circumstances, promoting holistic development.


Education Program

Our Education Program is dedicated to offering quality education to underprivileged children, ensuring a robust educational foundation. We provide academic support, mentorship, and resources to prevent school dropout, enabling children to chase their dreams. Our Super 30 Girls Center exemplifies this commitment, empowering girls with a strong educational base.

Family Welfare Program

Our Family Welfare Program aims to empower families, particularly mothers, to create a positive and nurturing environment for their children's growth. We provide skill development, vocational training, and health awareness programs to enhance the socio-economic status of families. This holistic approach ensures the overall well-being of the community we serve.


Health Program

Our Health Program prioritizes the well-being of children and their families, with a special focus on females and children. We organize health camps, medical check-ups, and hygiene education to improve overall health and hygiene practices. By addressing healthcare needs, we contribute to the physical and mental well-being of the community.