Our vision our work

Our main area of work is child education. It is our firm believe that education is the only tool by which we can change the fate and face of any society.

It is aunderstanding in some section of our society that education has no role in their life. It is a fact that their many generations didn’t get any education or were forced to get no education. They just did what they were forced to do. They never thought their children can be a teacher, clerk, officer, doctor . They think their destiny is also the same what their forefather had. We have to change this situation. Stand N Stride is committed to bring the confidence in those section that they also has the same opportunity like others to be what they want to be.

It is our vision that everyonemust get basic education . Basic education means minimum class 10th pass. The only purpose of the Education is not to get a job but it is the right way to know the world. Due to present education system number of school dropouts after class 8 are in millions. Up to class 8ththey are promoted automatically irrespective of fail/pass in exam. When these children promoted in class 9th and when they face real exam they just collapsed. It is very unfortunate situation that a large number of students studying in class 8 not even write or read a single line even in their mother tong. What kind of future we are making. Just imagine.

Our complete focus remains on that the child we adopt mustpass class 10th. After 10th we decide what to do further depending upon child choice and their family condition.

Following are the ways by which we ensure holistic development of our children.

Primary Education

Primary education is the basic and foremost right of every child. Primary education brings awareness among the masses, opens avenues for opportunities as well self-advancement and improvement and reduces chronic and inter-generational poverty. Primary education is an absolute pre-requisite for sustainable development. Primary education is usually started from nursery to Vth classes.

In spite of every government’s honest effort still only 67% of children (aged between6-10) in our country go to school. There are so many reasons for children to miss school , but social and financial discrimination are the main one. In most of rural areas, schools are at long distances and have very poor infrastructure which make children to avoid them and especially it makes impossible for girls. Governments are doing their best to provide primary education to every child but the problem is so big that Govt. alone cannot overcome this problem. As a responsible citizen of India It is our duty to come out in support of govt. to eliminate illiteracy from India.

Stand N Stride is committed to help those children for whom getting primary education is big challenge and is running many primary education center in various part of Delhi named SnS Pathshala. Presently We have four Pathshala in South West Delhi. These are the centers where around 200 children from class Nursery to Class 5th are getting free tuition. Our students are from economically weaker background. They neither can afford the private school nor can afford the tuition. Most of the parents are illiterate so they also can’t help their children in their studies. In our Pathshala our endeavor is to fill this gap to make them at par to other privileged children.

Secondary Education

Secondary education occupies a very strategic position in the educational pattern of the country. It is the link between primary education and higher education. Primary education is intended to provide minimum requirements for survival whereas secondary education enables an individual to become a full members of the complicated society. Secondary education is usually started from class 6th to class 10th whereas class 11th & class 12th are higher secondary classes. We provide both secondary and higher secondary in our centers named as SnS Shiksha Kendra. Presently we have four SnS Shiksha Kendra in various part of Delhi running with SnS Pathshala.

Adult Education/awareness:

Stand N Stride is committed to make life of people secure and better who are illiterate, unaware of their rights, unaware of various Govt. welfare schemes and working in an unorganized sector. These type of people are being exploited everywhere .Stand N Stride has specific programs for them under the project “SnS Chaitanya”.

Youth Empowerment

A brave, frank, clean- hearted, courageous and aspiring youth is the only foundation on which the future nation can be built........Swami Vivekanand

I am convinced that youth power, if properly directed and controlled, could bring about transformational changes in humanity for its progress, meeting its challenges and bringing about peace and prosperity.......Dr. APJ Kalam

Stand N Stride has the same vision what Swami Vivekanand and Dr. APJ Kalam had for the youth of our nation. Youth empowerment is an attitudinal, structural, and cultural process whereby young people gain the ability, authority, and agency to make decisions and implement change in their own lives and the lives of other people, including youth and adults. Stand N Stride provide specific programs centered on youth empowerment. Activities involved therein may focus on youth-led media, youth rights, youth councils, youth activism, youth involvement in community decision-making, and other methods. A dedicated team ”SnS Jagriti”is working for Youth empowerment.

Health Care

Health is wealth. It is a well-known fact and is a primary concern for all of us. An Unhealthy child can’t be expected to concentrate on study. When we enrolled a child we not only care his/her health but of his/her entire family so that we can ensure that child is growing up in cared environment. Our project “SnS Ayushman ” is dedicated to provide health care to the family enrolled with us.